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About us

MOLD IDEA’s technical manager has been publishing 3 books of automotive mold design in China. Our team is experience designing and processing high tolerance plastic injection molds. Knowledge of the automotive, household appliance, office equipment, medical and electronic industry products. Years of technology accumulation and designed molds for the brand of BMW, FORD, AUDI, FIAT, HONDA, TOYOTA, GM, Electrolux, BOSCH, Whirlpool etc.

MOLD IDEA has gathered a variety of technical talents in the mold solutions of mold design, mold processing, Samples testing, mold modification, mass production, assembly and products development solutions of project evaluation, project follow-up, technical processing, assembly, packaging and transportation. We can quickly set up a professional team to solve problems for our customers. Most of MOLD IDEA team members have more than 10 years experience in the mold industry and have worked in SHENZHEN HYS MOULD, FOXCONN, TK GROUP, SILVER BASIS, ACE MOLD, BLUE STAR etc.

MOLD IDEA Co LTD is a global mold engineering supplier of mold design, mold flow, custom machining and custom mold manufacturing services. These four businesses are operated independently by product managers. Mold Idea was founded in 2014 and located in SHENZHEN. We have 40 engineers which are the experience of the latest mold technologies to ensure manufacturability and to meet customer requirements.